1st July 2020

Update from The Printworks

 When will The Printworks open again?                                                                                                       

We are working hard on plans to reopen once it is safe to do so. What we cannot do at the moment is predict exactly when that will be. The government announcement of 23rd June states that community buildings such as ours can consider reopening after 4th July. However, we are still waiting for guidance specific to our sector. We will wait for this guidance, as we continue to  put our plans in place.

How will we minimise risk?                                                                                                                        
We want to assure you that we will be putting the safety of everyone who uses The Printworks as our number one priority. An action plan has been drawn up to identify Covid-19 safety concerns and take necessary actions.
Our key action points include:
·       We will arrange additional cleaning and sanitising
·       We will plan a cautious staged approach to reopening
·       We will initially control access and set some restrictions on use to preserve suitable distancing
·       We will be clarifying the balance of responsibility for safety between KHCA and hirers
·       We will arrange timetabling of sessions to avoid risks of different groups starting and leaving at the same times
·       We will calculate a reduced room capacity to minimize risk
·       We will emphasise the importance of communication and consultation with hirers so that we can get things right.
What next?
We will be in touch as soon as we have more news. We have been  contacting individual hirers to discuss specific plans for returning. It is likely that some groups will be able to start up again sooner than others. The Printworks will be a bit quieter to start with. But we hope to get things closer to normal, step by step, once it is safe to do so.
How can hirers help us?
Be ready to share your ideas with us. Think about the practical aspects of getting up and running again. For example, how soon do you think your group would be confident to return? But, also, be patient with us. We are working on it! We will be in touch again soon.
You can contact us at